Details of the operation of a motor

We have an electric circuit through which a current passes through the loop, because of the magnetic field associated with that current, turns it into a small (unnatural) magnet 1hp 56 Motors. The same happens with the battery, which provides electrical energy when the scraped parts of the turn are in contact with the bearing.

An important detail is that when the loop has the opposite pole to that of the magnet to which it is attached, the force that will exist will be of attraction and the movement of the loop will be diminished, and may even result in the end of its movement.

To solve this problem and prevent the electric motor from stopping, we use one end of the fully scraped loop where the chain can pass, and the other half scraped, so that the chain will only pass through that end when the part being scraped is in contact with the rod. The magnet attached to the pile has one of its poles facing the loop, and when it becomes a magnet, an interaction occurs between them. When the loop has the same type of pole to which it is attached, we will have a repulsive force that moves the loop. This movement often depends on an initial impulse.

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